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HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL by Lumio Designs offers exciting and amazing deals for those who are considering whether to extend their houses or not. The option of extending the house comes to many people for a lot of reasons. The top topmost of those reasons is that it is considered to be less expensive than moving houses. This has to be given thorough consideration because sometimes the cost estimates given by experienced and well trusted firms by HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL can be more than that of moving houses. Another germane reason for opting to extend houses is that of the value addition it brings to the house. House extensions that are properly and expertly done are known to bring a higher return on investment. So if the return on investment is your concern, you must make sure you make use of experienced agents like HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL who will do a great job for you.

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After you have made up your mind to extend your house, other important questions still needs to be answered. Are you extending the house just for the sake of having more living space or you are concerned about the aesthetics of the house? So a decision needs to be made whether you want to build up or extend out. Building up will need that you remove your roof. Some may feel emotional about having to remove their roofs, so they prefer to extend out. It is necessary to note that extending out will need a new roof and the new roof should be a match of the old one. Another consideration that should be made is that of the materials that will be used. Building materials should be of top quality and should complement that of the previous structure.

A decision also has to be made whether to live on-site or not during the building extension. Staying on-site comes with its own discomforts. One of such discomfort is that you are likely to inhale plenty of dust as the work goes on. There is also the case of your presence slowing down the pace of the work. This is because workers may have to work around and try to navigate and maneuver such that they do not disturb you. You can also get a custom made design for your extension that will suit the needs of your family. HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL is a company with a proven track record of success in designing the perfect house extension for you and your family. You can contact them online through any of their social media platforms or reach out to them through their website address. They offer top-notch service delivery that will keep you coming back. A trial will today will more than convince you.

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Creating house extensions is becoming a popular option for many people these days. This is the case with people who have probably started working from home and need extra space. Either the extra space is to create more space for your kids to play around or it is for creating an office space for yourself. Whatever the case maybe you can always be rest assured that a tested and trusted outlet like HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL has got you covered. So if you feel your property is no longer serving you again, instead of moving to another city or changing houses, a house extension is a great idea. As great as the idea of having a house extension is, there are many factors that need to be put into consideration when planning one.

One of the many things that need to be considered is that of the need for planning permit or not. In many cases of creating house extensions, there is a need to seek permission from the local building authority. In some other instances, when it has to do with small or minimal extensions seeking an extension permit may not be necessary. So you have to contact the necessary authorities and be sure of what exactly is required before you can begin extending your house. HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL can help you with all the necessary information you will need to get started. 

You also need to put into consideration some things if you are building close to sewage. This is because the water regulation authorities have some policies in place as regards sewage. Thus, you will need the services of experts and professionals like they have at HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL. They will help you make the right decisions. It is important to know that house extensions require proper planning and the right expertise for it to be implemented successfully.

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Planning and executing a house extension is a whole lot of work. A great house extension that gives a good return on investment cannot be hurriedly done. It has to be carefully crafted, thought of and no detail need be left out. It is for reasons like these and many more that HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL offers a wide range of services in the United Kingdom and surroundings. They offer free consultations for houses within 3km from Bristol. You can contact today and they can help with designing a house extension that will suit you and your family’s needs. So whatever the design you have in mind, they can help you to bring it to life for you.

A key issue that usually needs urgent attention is that of the wall up agreement. You can build your extension up to the boundary you share with your neighbour but you must be sure you do not infringe on the right of your neighbour. This is why the wall up agreement is put in place to make sure you do not trespass on your neighbour’s land. In some cases, you might have an agreement with your neighbour that allows you to do so. Whatever the case, HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL can provide you with a list of all the necessary permissions you may need. 

Finally, you will need the services of experts. Either it is for the architectural design or for the structural tests that need to be carried out. You can be rest assured that using the right option like HOUSE EXTENSIONS BRISTOL they will employ the services of professionals. They make use of those who have vast experience in building designs and structural engineering to give you a perfect execution of what you want. They also help with giving you the cost estimates of the designs of your choice. They also offer great discount.